Exceptional Care Creates Exceptional Smiles!

For Dr. Todd Rowe, Dr. Benjamin Canary, and our team, orthodontics is more than changing a person’s appearance: it’s helping that person develop a stable, functional bite, while growing their self-esteem as they achieve a beautifully healthy, confident smile!

As a patient-centered practice, we are respectful of each person’s unique concerns and goals. Because we offer a range of advanced orthodontic solutions, Dr. Rowe and Dr. Canary are able to craft individual treatment plans that work for a patient’s clinical needs and personal desires.

Their goal, and that of the team, is to have you sharing your new smile in a timely manner, and to look back on your time in braces with a smile.

What’s Different at Our Office?

When you’re our patient, you’re a member of our family. We treat you with the same compassion, ethics, and respect we’d offer a loved one!

  • Our doctors: Dr. Rowe has been practicing orthodontics since 1989. Both he and Dr. Canary are Clinical Instructors of Orthodontics at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Our doctors' unparalleled experience in patient care, along with staying at the forefront of proven advances in technology and technique, ensure you receive the perfect treatment, orthodontic experience, and results!
  • Our staff: Each member of our close-knit team brings unique experience and personality to the practice, and we share a genuine passion for orthodontics and the patient experience. We want you to achieve the functional, lovely smile you desire and to make the process seamless, from your initial consultation to final retainer check!
  • Our focus on you: We have designed our practice around you. Choosing to change your smile is choosing to make a lasting, positive transformation in your life. We believe you should enjoy the journey, understand treatment and options, and be a fully-engaged participant at every step. We’re always happy to provide progress updates, answer questions, and respond to any issues that might arise.
  • Our customer service: Orthodontic care is an investment of your time, money, and energy. We respect that investment and strive to make treatment efficient and affordable, while never suggesting a quick fix. We run on-time, ensure you are never rushed through an appointment, have convenient hours, and offer interest-free financing.

Schedule a Consultation

Before starting orthodontic care, it’s essential you understand your clinical concerns and the appropriate treatment options for your situation. It’s just as critical to choose an orthodontist and team who are experienced, responsive, and make you the priority!

Please contact our Leominster, MA orthodontic office, serving Fitchburg, Lunenburg, and surrounding communities, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rowe or Dr. Canary. No sales pitch, no pressure: simply a clear path to the beautifully confident and healthy smile you deserve!

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